10 pieces of content

10 pieces of content you can repurpose to Pinterest

Hey, are you one of those people who has no idea what to post to Pinterest? Here’s a list of 10 pieces of content you can repurpose as Pinterest pins and how to repurpose that content the right way.

Please remember you need to make sure your accounts and pins are properly optimized so that your ideal audience can find you and your content, okay? I have a FREE checklist for you here.

📌Blog posts. Create an image pin with the title of the post and a clear call to action. You can have multiple pins for one blog post, there’s no need to create content all the time.

📌Social media posts. Put every piece the content in a different slide/page (with Canva) and have them together as one video pin or carousel pin if you still have that option (some of us don’t have it anymore since the pin builder changed).

📌Short videos / Reels. Once you delete the watermark, you can post them to Pinterest. ALWAYS ALWAYS delete the watermark, it’s a non-negotiable. I use indown.io for instagram and Snaptik.app for tiktok, they’re FREE to use.

📌FB & IG Live videos (specially if they’re Q&As, interviews or you’re simply delivering a ton of value). Use a video downloader (I use a FREE chrome extension) for Facebook and for Instagram, delete the watermark with Indown.io then you can take a piece of that live video and post it.

📌Youtube videos. You can make a pin that will be linked to your Youtube video or have your Youtube as part of a blog post and link your pin to that blog post.

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📌Podcast episodes. Utilize a part of the audio clip as “background music/sound” with an eye-catching Pin design describing very clearly and briefly what the episode is about.

📌Emails. (Got this tip from Jana O and I use it all the time) Most people don’t even think of this but they have been delivering content to their list for a while and now they have the possibility to repurpose it. If you have shared tips in your emails, turn those tips into infrographics, for example.

📌Book chapters. Got this tip from a client who actually repurposes content for authors to their social media for a living; they think they can’t come up with anything but as it turns out, they already have!

📌Testimonials. A good story from your clients explaining the transformation they experienced after working with you and why they recommend you… why not?

📌Any existing & repurposed content. Not everyone can easily create content on a daily basis so, how do we make things easier on Pinterest? We take what we already have and create different pin designs where we change some words and design elements. You can check out this post as a reference.

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That’s all for now, see you in the next one (;