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5 tips to stand out on Pinterest

Ever wonder how is that some pins perform better than others when it comes to reach and engagements making their users rank higher on Pinterest?

I wouldn’t say there is a foolproof formula for pin creation but I have seen a bunch of pins in my feed that stop the scroll… wanna know what they have in common? In today’s post, I’m listing 5 characteristics of eye-catching pins.


It might be just a time management thing but the fact that you can see a number in a post referring to a list gives you an insight of how long will it take you to read the post, if it’s a list of 3 to 5 things users are more likely to click through your pin since they have more pins and articles to discover.

Large titles.

Think of pins as tiny billboards (if you remember what those are). What’s the first thing that gets your attention? Big text that you can actually read in just one vague glance, which takes us to the next element.


Use those words that create curiosity and urgency, words that demonstrate expertise and words that let people know they can find something useful in your post. These words are often referred as “trigger words”. Some examples are “proven” or “step-by-step”.


Have you heard that Pinterest is the go-to for inspiration? Use that in your favor! Whenever you create a pin, use those images that make you feel good. Another tip, and not a must but a recommendation, whenever it’s possible, use pictures of yourself or people making eye contact, it’s a psychological thing that makes users lay eyes on the picture.


How do you manage to rank on the platform? Optimizing your account, your boards and your pins with strong keywords, that’s how you are found.

These were my top 5 tips to be stand out on Pinterest, as a BONUS: Don’t forget to download your FREE Pinterest checklist!

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