Pinterest followers

Are followers important on Pinterest?

Well, well, well… to care or not to care about followers? That’s the question.

Are followers still important?

Let’s just say that followers are the loyal audience that you build on the platform, those users who will receive your content before anyone else…

But do you really need that many followers to do well on Pinterest? Not really!

There will be accounts that get 2 followers as much after their first month and there will be others that will gain 7 or more… this does not influence how your pins perform as long as you are consistent with your content and have good SEO.

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Still, there’s no reason to neglect the people that’s on your sphere, of course. If you have followers already, nurture them with the content you know they will enjoy!

And as you keep on pinning (posting or saving pins), you’ll attract more of your ideal audience… an audience that later on can turn into paying clients when they get in your sales funnel.

Now, if you really, really, reeeeaaaaally have to start your Pinterest journey with many followers… Go tell your larger audience that you are on Pinterest!

Some people already have a big following on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok… if you are one of them and you want more followers for your brand new Pinterest account, I say you go for it!

Whenever you make a video, or go live, or post something or send an email sequence, ask them to follow you, it’ll take them 2 minutes as much and I’m sure they will be more than happy to see more from you.

These were my two cents on the subject, hope you have enjoyed and found it helpful… have a wonderful rest of your day and don’t forget to download your FREE Pinterest checklist

See you in the next post!