A while ago, while doing some market research, I asked people the reason why they were not using Pinterest. Surprisingly, instead of expected answers such as not understanding how it works or thinking it’s just another social media platform, the main answer was “lack of time”.

The first time I saw this in my poll it nearly got me in shock! Won’t say I don’t understand… but I just really want people to know that even though it does take time for an account to rank on the platform in the long run, it’s not as time consuming of their everyday life as they think, which is why in this post I’m explaining how to prepare one full month of content in just one sitting.

Yes, you read it just fine: one month of content in one sitting.

How to create a month of content for Pinterest

Here’s how you make that happen: 

First, gather your content (blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, reels, emails, chapters…) and then you go to your favorite design software (mine is Canva) to create pin graphics.

You don’t need to have a thousand pieces of content, you can have one blog post and make 5 different pins as long as you change the words and the imagery so they don’t look all the same… in this sense, you can have 6 blog posts and post 30 pins.

Want an example? There are 2 pin images in this post that look different but they both belong here!

I know what this sounds like, but pin creation (at least for image pins) ain’t that difficult even if you feel like design isn’t your forte… you’ll see, Canva provides you with templates that are not bad at all, you just need to brand them and once you have your pins ready, you go and schedule them with the Pinterest scheduler for FREE…

And all in one sitting.

For idea pins the process is relatively similar except that when it comes to video content, you might have to delete the watermark and you have to “break it down” if it’s too long so it can fit in the idea pin slides. When you have your slides ready, you upload them to Pinterest and then you save them as drafts from the desktop to have them ready to post daily; from the updated Pinterest app you can schedule idea pins just as you would with static pins. Warning: Don’t update the app from an iPhone if you have drafts in there already, it could delete them, happened to my mentor once.

Hope you found this article useful and if there’s something that’s not so clear (‘cause I keep trying to shorten my posts) please let me know in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. Aaaand I know, I know, it would be easier to explain in video format, working on it (;

How to save time with Pinterest marketing