What to do when your Pinterest pins are not getting enough reach

What to do when your pins are not getting enough reach

Often times I get asked about why people’s pins are not performing well, people come to me wondering why they are experiencing some stagnation and even have the prejudice that Pinterest marketing doesn’t work at all.

When I take a look at these people’s accounts, I can easily spot the mistakes that are made so in this post, I’ll let you know what to do when your pins aren’t getting enough reach and show you a brief “case study” at the end.

First off, is your account properly set up? Are you utilizing the right keywords? Remember that Pinterest is a search engine, and therefore, you need good SEO.

There are certain elements that your account and pins need to include so they can do well on the platform. For reference, I’ll leave a link here to my FREE Pinterest checklist. If your account and pins don’t include these elements, your pins aren’t going anywhere!

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Second, let’s just make sure your account wasn’t “shadowbanned” or flagged as spam. Don’t panic, this doesn’t always happen and when it does, it can be easy to tell… let me explain a bit more about this.

Being “shadowbanned” means the algorithm decided to limit the reach of your content overnight, one way to quickly tell if your account got shadowbanned is seeing a significant drop in your metrics, a drastic one… and then you can’t seem to recover from that.

If you were having a high reach or having one or many pins go viral and then you notice your reach dropped little by little, that’s normal, nothing to worry about.

The reason for getting shadowbanned? It could be that you were re-pinning (posting the same image over and over or saving them to multiple boards), or you had your pins going to boards that are not specific to one subject… or even breaking the rules when it comes to the community guidelines.

One way to tell that your account was flagged as spam is that the links in your pins don’t seem to work and literally tell people that it’s spam.

Sometimes getting shadowbanned or flagged as spam can happen by accident as a glitch. I had a client that had their account shutdown in a glitch and a Pinterest help desk representative was kind enough to help us fix the problem.

Now, if your account and pins have proper SEO and you are not in any of the situations described above, here’s what to do:


If your pins didn’t have much reach after a week or two… leave them alone!

Take a look at these pins right here as a case study… it seemed like there was not much going during the first weeks, if they had 10 views each and nothing more, that was A LOT!

Then, at the end of 4 weeks (after published) they had a better reach in terms of views and engagements… nothing too extravagant though, then little by little, they started to take off over the next weeks…

Over a period of 60 days, one of these pins brought 19 website visits on its own, and your pins can have these results too if you apply the right strategy.

Found this helpful? Don’t forget to grab your FREE Pinterest checklist and receive my Pinterest tips via email. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the next post!